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How to Get Free Traffic Drive to Your Site ?

2 Jan

Free Website Visitors


First at all, I know that some of you want to know more about how to get HUGE FREE TRAFFIC to your site . You are finding the right place here.

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Tommorrow , i will share with you the others methods to get free traffic .See you at the next post. Thankyou for your visit.



Today Hot Topic – Social Media Marketing -Facebook

2 Jan

Social Media Marketing - Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube and Pinterest

So today we are talking about social media marketing…that is Facebook, Twitter, YouTube (YES YouTube), Pinterest, Google Plus and all the other social media properties!

The thing about social media marketing that is hard is that consistency is the key! You have to do things every day (or at least a couple of times a week), with a plan and a goal in mind. These are some of my observations about the different social media sites, suggestions for using them and notes about how the whole thing works!

Let’s jump right into the fray with…

Facebook Social Media Marketing!

Facebook is a touchy feely kind of site. You have a lot of inspirational posts, talking back and forth with other people AND broadening your reach with your business. What you DO NOT HAVE TO DO is sell, sell, sell. You might get leads from Facebook, but if you are drinking the Koolaid and thinking that you are going to put up a business page and then watch the orders fly in, you are probably going to be disappointed.

Facebook is for generating interest in your industry!

Things to do on Facebook:

  • Get friends (or subscribers) – people who see what you post
  • Post to your profile wall – we get LOTS of potential clients who do not want to use their personal Facebook for business, if you are a small biz owner, your Facebook profile IS for business!
  • Post to your business wall – these days this can feel like spitting into the wind for most of us, but is is still necessary for when a potential client comes to see your business, having a wall months out of date can mean losing them before you even have a chance!
  • Like other businesses with your business page – this is one way still left to grow your “likes”
  • Comment, Comment, Comment – because Facebook is social, you have to comment and share (not too much), but if you think you can be an island on Facebook, you will shoot yourself in the foot marketing-wise

Write Major Or Minor Blog Posts?

2 Jan

Internet Marketing – Should You Write Major And Minor Blog Posts?


Internet Marketing - Should You Write Major and Minor Blog PostsIf you are doing internet marketing you are probably at least considering doing some blogging. Now, this can seem time intensive and it is, but you can save time if write both major and minor blog posts.

What are major blog posts?

Okay, a confession here…I made up major and minor blog posts, it is just how I think of my writing. Major blog posts (to me) are ones that I have to research or do some extra work for. Some of the things that make a major blog post are:

  • Extra graphics like in my post about convergence
  • Experimenting like I did when I used 5 computers to test out google universal search
  • Lots of time collecting 100 email marketing subject lines

I would say that a major post can take between an hour and a couple of hours to write. They require more than my personal knowledge to write and are probably interesting to me and a smaller segment of the small business population than most of my posts! They are also generally longer than most with some bumping up on 2,000 words.

What are minor blog posts?

Minor blog posts are the ones that I can write off the top of my head. I have 15 plus years of experience in marketing and spend HOURS a week researching and learning about different marketing techniques that could work for our small business peeps. That means that I have A LOT of information that other people don’t know. This is key.

You probably have a lot of information in your industry that other people don’t know. Sometimes it can seem like what you are talking about is too basic but that is because you KNOW it. Other people probably do not know it and could use your expertise.

These posts usually take less than a half an hour to write because I write them from experience and they are generally around 500 words max.

Which are better?

So I like doing major posts because I generally learn something during the process and they tend to be interesting to me and very high level advanced marketing. Sigh…well come to find out, they are not the magic that gets people to my website. My top posts last year in order were:

  • What are important customer demographics? – Minor Post written in 2010
  • Email Marketing Writing Great Subject Lines – Minor Post written in 2010
  • Real Estate Marketing To A Farm Area – Minor post written in 2011
  • Great Display Banner Ads Examples – What Makes A Great Display Ad? – Minor-sort of post (some research but pretty easy for me) written in 2012
  • Work Quotes With Pictures | Labor Day Quotes – Major post (takes time to do all those graphics)…interesting, quotes with graphics posts have taken off lately because of social media like Facebook and Pinterest (which wasn’t even alive when some of my other posts were published) written in 2012

Free Marketing Online – Facebook Mistake

2 Jan



If you are using Facebook for business, one of the biggest mistakes that you can make is to dial up your privacy settings so far that you are a non person when people try and check you out when deciding whether or not to be your friend.